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Pack a lunch you’ll actually look forward to with the Daytrip™ Lunch Bag. In true YETI fashion, we upgraded a classic form factor to give you a fresh-for-hours, fold-and-go, easy-to-clean lunch bag that takes soggy sandwiches and lukewarm drinks off the menu. Did we mention it’s lined with hours-worth of insulation power? Surprise.


  • Coldcell Flex™ Insulation: A lightweight, closed-cell foam flexibly folds over while offering superior temperature-holding power
  • Food Safe: From fruit to subs - it's all safe to store
  • Thermo Snap™ Closure: Magnetic closure will keep your tacos hot or your cold cuts, well, cold
  • Fold-and-go Packing: Once dining is done, fold it up, hook it closed, and stow it away
  • Adjustable Grid: Decide the size of your lunch bag by sliding the closing hook into one of the loops


  • Unfolded Dimensions: 5 3/4" × 13 1/2" × 8 3/4"
  • Folded Dimensions: 5 3/4" × 8 3/4" × 8 3/4"
  • Empty Weight: 1.1 lbs