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TECNOPRO’s Active 6 Grip is an easy-to-use cross-country ski for men and women. It comes with a lightweight and very durable Sidewall construction with a special air channel core and c-camber. Easy handling and stable manoeuvrability are supported by the parabolic sport sidecut. The base of the ski features grip premium crown, a combination of double crown segments with single crown in the rear section of the ski for better gliding properties.


  • Compared to traditional fibreglass woodcores, the integrated air channels save weight, add durability to the construction and enhance the pressure distribution
  • The combination of Double Crown segments with Single Crown in the rear section of the ski for better gliding properties allows for the perfect adaptation to the respective ski construction and ski length. It results in a superior climbing system for all snow and weather conditions
  • The sidewalls protect the ski sides from wear and tear, water, and chemical substances such as wax remover etc. They also improve the flexural strength, reduce the lateral friction in the track, and improve the impact resistance and durability around the bindings. The materials used are usually synthetic resin sealing compound and cap foils
  • The sidecut describes the shape of the ski’s edge. Sport Sidecut: Parabolic shape, with wider tip and tail, and narrow under the foot for easy handling and stable turns
  • Even a smooth-looking ski base has microscopically small gaps. The base index indicates the number of those gaps per square centimetre. The higher the index, the more wax can be absorbed.
  • Advantages: better gliding performance, waxing is more sustainable, less waxing required
  • Certain base finishes and grinding patterns are responsible for better gliding properties than others. More and deeper grinding is used for wet snow, while fine grinding is used for cold/dry conditions. Our Universal Grinding works perfectly in all snow conditions, but best in Central Europe’s rather wet/warm conditions
  • The V-Camber construction features a longer and higher camber than the U-Camber, resulting in faster and more effective response of the ski. Classic skiers will experience a clearer differentiation between the grip and glide phases according to the amount and timing of the induced pressure. Skaters can boost their performance thanks to the enhanced response and the considerably stiffer construction of the skis


  • Tip: 52 mm
  • Waist: 49 mm
  • Tail: 51 mm