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TECNOPRO’s Vision 20 is an affordable pole for cross-country skiers demanding performance, low weight, and efficient handling. The pole was designed to be robust enough to last many kilometres without being heavy. That’s why the shaft of the Vision 20 is made of a 20% carbon composite mix, reducing the weight while ensuring long-lasting robustness. The ergonomically shaped cork grip of the Vision 20 absorbs moisture and has a naturally warm feel. The new pre-formed Comfort Strap is designed to offer maximum pole control and power transmission. The width of the strap is individually adaptable.


  • Ergonomically shaped natural cork grip. It absorbs moisture, has a warm feel, and is robust and lightweight
  • New pre-formed strap for ultimate comfort and performance. The specific shape of the strap offers perfect pole control and maximum power transmission. The width is individually adaptable. The strap is available in different sizes
  • Durable pole tips for any snow condition
  • With their combination of flexibility, pop and stability, our pole baskets support any running style from leisure to high performance
  • The amount of carbon in this composite shaft determines the stiffness and weight of the pole as well as its swing weight. More carbon means stiffer and lighter, but also less robust