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Salomon Men’s Sense Ride 3 Running Shoes


  • Ideal for all your trail adventures, the Salomon Men's Sense Ride 3 Running Shoe draws on road-running standards to provide overall comfort and soft cushioning. For extra grip and protection, the go-to shoe is also packed with trail-specific features like anti-debris mesh, a ground filter and grippy Contagrip® outsole.
  • Road-running inspiration - Enjoy a more comfortable ride with extra cushioning, optimized midsole with Optivibe vibration-reduction and decoupling
  • Active comfort - Active, homogenous comfort with a soft upper and just the right amount of protection
  • All-terrain grip - The full rubber Contagrip® outsole offers premium traction, while Profeel film protects your feet from sharp objects on the trail
  • Contagrip® MA is built for the widest variety of surfaces. It balances both the geometry and the rubber compound to deliver confidence on wet, dry, hard or loose surfaces, and offer long-term durability
  • Profeel Film helps filter out rocks and sharp surfaces, for more comfort and stability
  • Optivibe™- A combination of foams, one to dampen, one to propel. This was developed to reduce vibration upon foot strike aimed to decrease muscle fatigue without affecting the overall rid
  • EndoFit™|Internal SensiFit™
  • Standard fit
  • Lace pocket
  • SensiFit™
  • Welded upper


  • Weight: 280 g