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Grip and Silent: The 100% mohair SkinGrip+ technology provides the perfect balance between grip and glide


  • Stability and Control: The ski's S-Cut shape and medium length provide skiers with additional control and stability for maximum confidence on the snow
  • Secure: The Prolink Access Classic binding delivers secure performance
  • My Custom Ski: Our high-quality production process enables you to select the exact ski you need based on your bodyweight
  • SkinGrip+: 100% MOHAIR skin with equal balance of grip and glide. It is glued so you need an iron to change it when burned (after approx. 800km)
  • Heel-Toe Camber: Highly efficient classic camber that provides easy kick and compression when pressing with the forefoot, but remains lifted when pressing with the mid or rear of the foot. Improves glide and ski return acceleration


  • Usage: Classic
  • Base: G2 Base
  • Core: Densolite 2000
  • Grip Technology: SkinGrip+
  • Ski Construction: Heel-Toe Camber
  • Mounting: Prolink Access Classic
  • Side Cut: 48/46/44/46
  • Weight Sample Size (in kilograms): 1.76 kg
  • Glide: 2/6
  • Lightness: 2/6
  • Stability & Control: 5/6
  • Grip in All Conditions: 6/6