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The Power Meter can test wattage up to 10 watts and 2 amps so you can see how much power your tablet or smartphone is really getting. The difference between charging at 1-2 watts vs 5 or 10 can be the difference of leaving home with a fully charged device vs one that will be dead in a few hours.

Almost 70% of the United States population has a smartphone. These capable devices are handy but also power hungry. Some smartphones can take hours and hours to charge as do other items like GPS units, flashlights, and other similar electronics that recharge via USB.

The slow charge problem comes from a wide variety of places such as bad quality USB charging cables, inadequate power supplies, and in the case of charging with solar - poorly aimed solar panels. With the Power Meter you can get down to the bottom of things and find out where the weak link is. Simply plug the meter into the USB cord coming from the power supply and then plug the 3-in-1 cord into the other end of the Power Meter, from there plug the device you are wanting to charge into the 3-in-1 fast charge cord (see green graphic to left to see) and count the number of blue LED bars on the meter. One bar = 1 watt. 2 bars = 2 watts and so on (see orange image to the left for the complete guide).

Another great use is to plug the Power Meter into your solar panels. Solar panels work best when aimed at the sun and angled properly but often people are only guessing that they optimally aimed. With the Power Meter you can see an up-to-the-minute second gauge of real power coming from your solar panels! Never waste time again by being aimed poorly.


  • Save time and charge fast: The power meter plugs into your solar equipments and tells you how much power you are getting, use it to make sure panels are aimed correctly for fastest charge.
  • Knowledge is power: Some power supplies take forever to charge your phone, find out which supplies and cord 
  • Portable and light: Keep with you so you can charge optimally at all times.
  • High quality fast charging cord: Bad cables can also be a culprit for slow charge times, this 3-in-1 cord will really speed up your recharging.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6" x 3" x 2"
  • Input Sources: USB
  • Output Sources: USB
  • Battery Type: No