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The Petzl Lynx Crampons are specifically engineered to suit serious climbers headed out into ice and mixed climbing conditions. The crampons are easily adjustable with a turn of one screw, creating a long mon-point for dry tooling, a long dual-point for gullies, or a short dual-point for ice climbing. Front and rear antisnow plates reduce the amount of snow that accumulates underfoot, and the adjustable heel bail provides a perfect fit for boots with heel welts.


  • Single-screw adjustment for quick and efficient configuration of front points
  • Adjustable LEVERLOCK bindings and heel bail for a perfect fit for boot with rear heel welts
  • FAKIR carry pouch for convenient storage when crampons aren't in use
  • Anti-snow system to prevent snow from accumulating underfoot


  • Weight: 1080 g (pair) with Antisnow
  • Boot sizes: 35 to 45 EUR with included M linking bar, optional L linking bar (not included) fits boot sizes 40 to 50 EUR
  • Number of points: 14
  • CE and UIAA Certified