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Durable and versatile helmet with enhanced protection for climbing and mountaineering. Durable and very versatile, the BOREO helmet is suitable for climbing, mountaineering, caving, via ferrata, canyoning... Thanks to its hybrid construction, the helmet is both low-profile and head-covering. Protection against lateral, frontal and rear impact is reinforced. Optimized volume on the head and wide ventilation holes make it a comfortable helmet for all activities.


  • Designed for optimal protection against side, front and rear impacts
  • Designed in accordance with Petzl’s top and side protection label
  • Hard outer shell is impact and scratch-resistant, for optimal durability
  • Suitable for climbing, mountaineering, caving, via ferrata, canyoning
  • Soft headband conforms perfectly to the shape of the head and folds into the shell for storage and transportation


  • Material: ABS shell / Expanded polypropylene (EPP) liner / Expanded polystyrene (EPS) liner / Polyester webbing
  • Weight: 295 g
  • Head Circumference: 53-61 cm