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Engineered for off-piste travel and on-the-fly length adjustment. Backpacking, alpine trekking and arduous hiking all require surefooted stability, especially when slope angles steepen and the surface texture goes granular. You can rely on MSR’s Talus™ TR-2 trekking poles to support you through it all. These two-section trekking tools feature the SureLock™ positive-locking system, and the patent-pending Trigger Release mechanism, which allows for convenient, one-handed length adjustments and unrivaled performance in ever-changing terrain.


  • Trigger Release One-Handed Adjustment: One-handed, on-the-fly pole-length adjustments provide the fastest, easiest response for matching terrain
  • SureLock™ System: Positive-locking mechanism delivers the confidence of absolute no-slip performance
  • Ultralight Strength: Light, strong and reliable 7,000-series aerospace-grade aluminum construction
  • Ergonomic Grip: Works with a broad range of hand sizes, and ergonomic, ventilated straps deliver breathability in warm climates
  • Effortless Swing: Low-profile adjustment mechanism high on the pole reduces shaft weight for an effortless, all-day swing


  • Weight: 625 g (1 lb 6 oz)
  • Min Length: 115 cm (45")
  • Max Length: 140 cm (55")
  • Collapsed Length: 78 cm (30.7")
  • Material: Aluminum