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The SP-800 paddle is a great option for all levels of paddlers. With it’s smooth feel in the water that’s perfect for all around paddling, the SP-800 offers exceptional value. Durable fibreglass reinforced themoplastic blades have a dihedral shape resulting in reduced paddle fluttle and a smooth stroke. It features a corrosion-resistant aluminum shaft, and it’s push button breakdown allows easy storange and adjustable blade feathering angle of 0⁰ or 30⁰ for right or left handed control.


  • Durable aluminum paddle with fibreglass reinforced blades
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum shaft
  • Blade feather angles of 0⁰ or 30⁰ that accomodates left or right handed control


  • Net Weight: 1.3kg
  • Blade:46*17.5cm; Shaft length: 230cm, Φ29*1.2mm
  • Shaft: Alu. Alloy 6005T5; Blade:FG reinforced PP(PP+40% FG)
  • Color: Fire / Silver
  • Vendor Style Number: 143019018