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At the top of the Atlas Hiking Series, the Atlas Elektra™ Treeline are packed with features to tackle your favorite winter hikes. A women’s specific design leads the charge and with the lightweight, smooth-striding design of Light-Ride™ Suspension (LRS), the comfort of the Wrapp Lux binding, and the confidence of advanced aft traction, these shoes will take you to the treeline and beyond.


  • The Elektra women’s frames are shaped to accommodate a woman’s natural gait, with tapered tails, a narrower nose and outside rolling bends that nest the snowshoes together comfortably. Since women’s needs are more than frame-deep, the binding designs are molded around a women’s boot last, offer increased arch support and use carefully-placed strapping and padding to eliminate pressure points and keep circulation moving in the cold
  • Reactiv™ Frame changes from a cylindrical to an elliptical shape to increase strength where the frame bears the greatest loads for a stiffer, more responsive snowshoe frame
  • Light-Ride™ Suspension (LRS) is the perfect blend of comfort and function, allowing your foot to articulate naturally and cushioning impact for smooth striding on mellower terrain
  • Wrapp™ Lux Binding provides a comfortable fit that's easy to get in and out of
  • Nytex Decking is forgiving and quiet when hiking in the cold, providing durability without the weight
  • Heel Lift Bar helps on steep climbs when calf muscles tire quickly and traction decreases when your foot matches the slope angle. The heel lift bar eases fatigue and ties directly into Advanced Aft Traction for grip
  • All-Trac™ Toe Crampon provides traction in all directions. Wider traction tabs on the sides and corners complement sharp front and rear points for confident hiking
  • Advance AFT Traction comes from sharp ice tips on the heel cleat with four angled, ridged side rails for superior all-mountain traction. The integrated heel lift bar ties directly into the traction for deeper penetration with each step


  • Length: 27"
  • Surface Area: 176 sq in (1135 sq cm)
  • Optimal Load: 120-200+ lbs (54-91+ kg)
  • Weight (per pair): 4.10 lbs (1.86 kg)
  • Vendor Style Number: U18010110127W