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The GEL-SCRAM™ 6 running shoe has been reimagined to improve performance on the trails. Featuring a new upper design, this shoe is also more durable to better stand up to the elements off the beaten path. Providing excellent midfoot lockdown, this shoe features a more durable mesh upper construction that’s complemented with a camo design for an outdoor aesthetic. Additionally, this shoe has a reworked toe shape that provides reinforced support around the toe area. The midsole is also energized with AMPLIFOAM™ technology to create a responsive bounceback and better durability to resist the hard-wearing elements of trails. Lastly, the outsole features a lugged pattern that’s functional for improving traction on off-road surfaces.


  • Durable mesh upper to better resist wear and tear
  • Amplifoam technology in the midsole for a responsive bounceback
  • Lugged outsole pattern that's functional for improving traction on off-road surfaces


  • Vendor Style Number: 1012A730.022
  • Weight: 8.3 oz.
  • Heel Height: 21 mm
  • Forefoot Height: 11 mm