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The New Jetboil MiniMo lightweight outdoor stove focuses specifically on the full cooking experience through the use of our new valve technology.


  • Redesigned valve and regulator provide unmatched simmer control with up to 6000 BTU's
  • 1 liter cooking vessel with drink through lid or strainer
  • Insulated cooking vessel cozy with metal handles providing stable handling
  • .5L water boil time at 2 minutes 15 seconds
  • System weight 415g, fuel not included
  • System pack size 127x152mm
  • Bottom cover doubles as bowl or cup
  • Fuel Canister Not Included


  • Easy to assemble and quick push-button start for a no hassle fast boil time
  • Small and light pack size ideal for hiking, camping, fishing, snowmobiling and more
  • System pack size allows storage of 100g fuel tin
  • Works with Jetpower butane fuel and most screw top butane fuels 
  • Expanded cooking options with purchase of Jetboil Pot Adaptor
  • Can be part of a great winter survival car kit