Important Outdoor Hiking Advice


Day hiking is one of the most easily accessible ways of enjoying the outdoors. Very little is required to get started and trail options span everywhere from a flat, half-hour trek around a lake, to a full-day adventure up a mountain pass.

Day hiking includes any hike that has no overnight component. To determine the level of skill and amount of equipment you’ll require on your journey ask yourself these three questions:


Will you hike an easy trail or a winding one with obstacles?


Will you hike for less than hour, half the day, or all day?


Will you keep it short or go long distance?

Getting Started Hiking

Discover new favourite trails and more of the outdoors with helpful advice from Atmosphere experts.

Getting Started Winter Hiking

Experience the great outdoors even after the temperature drops well below zero. Hiking in the winter can be a simple and fun way of keeping active and enjoying a unique view of the landscape, but you need the right gear and approach to get the most out of your trip.

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