Atmosphere Ambassadors


Allison Arguello

Before Allison joined the company 13 years ago, she knew that adventures would always be part of her life. Active from a young age, she got serious about hiking around 8 years ago and even more serious about backpacking 3 years ago. Now, when she’s not in the store, she’s either planning her next outdoor excursion or she’s disconnected from civilization somewhere in the backwoods of the world.

Nick Hammerschmidt

Nick has been an Atmosphere team member for ten years. When he’s not helping out at the store he manages, you’ll find him outside camping, hiking (any time of the year), and mountain biking. His passion for the outdoors has led him to embark on the West Coast Trail, the Juan De Fuca Trail and a once-in-a-lifetime camping trip in Japan.

Cory Hope

Like most outdoor enthusiasts, Cory is happiest when he’s able to get outside, whether it’s a short hike with his daughter or taking off on an overnight trip. He wrote his first book, Interior Tales, as his thesis for his Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree. His dream? Writing for an outdoors magazine that combines his passion for creative writing, photography and adventures of all kinds.

Dillon Lowen

Dillon is an avid hiker, winter camper and ice climbing expert. He believes that the only things in life that you'll remember in old age are family and the things you did in the pursuit of joy, both of which he is able to cultivate in the outdoors.

Cailyn Hepburn

Cailyn has a passion, understanding and love for the outdoors. She and her husband are extremely active in hiking, kayaking, camping, trail running, and snowshoeing. Their friends and acquaintances often turn to them for advice on new places to visit and the type of gear they should invest in.