Corporate Information

We use third-party certifications to identify products that are more sustainable than conventional options. You can learn more about the certifications we use HERE

We set and maintains  environmental and social standards, starting with our Supplier Code of Business Conduct. You can access the supplier code of conduct of parent company FGL sports HERE

We select and design products focused on customers’ expectations for durability, performance and value. Our Product Development and Merchandise teams are on a journey to continually improve our owned brand assortment to include recycled materials, safer chemical alternatives and follow design principles that enable reuse and recycling​

We are investing in reducing our operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and finding new ways to work with our value chain partners to enable emissions reductions across our entire footprint, including the emissions associated with the wide assortment of products we sell​

We have set GHG emissions reduction targets related to our buildings, operations, and product transportation activities. Our pathway to the 2030 target includes new investments and builds on our learnings to date as we continue to support Canadian and global efforts to fight climate change.​

We are reducing and improving the packaging of products in our stores, while maintaining their protection and safe transportation. In 2021, we introduced new sustainable product packaging standards for our owned brand products. These standards, which have been shared with all internal departments and vendors that produce our owned brand products, focus on five key priorities:​
-Reduce unnecessary packaging;​
-Move from non-recyclable materials to recyclable materials;​
-Eliminate packaging materials that are difficult to recycle, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polystyrene (PS);​
-Improve ease of customer recycling by switching to single material packaging; and​
-Support the recycling materials markets and lower the costs of recycled material.​
You can learn more about Canadian Tire Corporation’s commitment to improving packaging HERE 

We are working towards a more sustainable future by reducing  greenhouse gas emissions, championing innovative products that will support emissions reductions for  customers, and facilitating collaborative action with  vendors and other stakeholders. Additionally, we are working on creating sustainability targets that will be public in 2024.​

Yes – Atmosphere, affiliated with parent company FGL Sports, has a supplier code of conduct which can be accessed HERE.

As part of our sustainability initiatives, we will no longer be supplying plastic bags in our stores as of April 4, 2022. We encourage customers to bring their own bags, or purchase an Atmosphere reusable bag in store. Net proceeds from the purchase of reusable bags are donated to Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities. For more info on Jumpstart visit

About Atmosphere

Canada is one of the largest outdoor playgrounds in the world. We believe that every Canadian should have the opportunity to turn every trip to the great outdoors into an escape from the ordinary. Our nation offers the world’s best escapes and they begin at an Atmosphere Store.

One of the best ways for us to enable Canadians to get out there and enjoy our outdoor is to ensure Canadians can reach out to us. The depth and breadth of our product selection is nearly unmatched. Our Online Store enables Canadians in smaller or remote communities to take advantage of our top brand selection and expert service. The strong buying power we've garnered during our legacy in the Canadian outdoor goods market means that we are able to bring our customers an enormous selection of some of the best brand names, as well as a number of private label brands unique to our stores.

Our relationships with many national and regional parks and recreational organizations have helped us reach out to Canadians of all ages, at all levels of activity. Atmosphere is committed to closing the gap between Canadians and through our partnerships and ongoing work to understand where people go to escape in all communities nationwide.

Visit our partnerships and community page to learn how Atmosphere is active in your community.

For more information about Atmosphere and our parent company, visit

Sponsorships & Community

Atmosphere supports local, amateur and professional organizations that help bring the benefits of an active lifestyle to Canadians of all ages, at all fitness levels. From grassroots sporting organizations aimed at getting kids involved in activity at an early age to our ties with national, amateur-level sporting organizations, Atmosphere is committed to helping communities get active.

Learn more about our sponsorships and how Atmosphere is active in your community

Career FAQ's

You can either apply online or you can visit your local store and speak directly with a member of the store management team.

Absolutely! Visit your local store and ask to speak to a member of the store management team. If they are currently hiring, they will be happy to meet you and ask a few questions on the spot.

If you applied online, you may receive a phone interview followed by an in-person, in-store, interview. If you applied in-person at your local store, you may receive an on-the-spot interview with a member of the store management team, or have arrangements made for an interview time.

Some of our roles may require previous retail experience however look at the job description and consider any relevant experience or transferable skills you may have. For example, you may have worked in a customer service role in another industry.

Yes, our stores have both Part-Time & Full-Time jobs. See our open roles online to see what jobs may be available near you.

We suggest you dress appropriately and for the role you are applying for, be that in management or for an advisor.

When you work with us, you can enjoy the following: 
  • Excellent discount program – great deals on your sports and activity gear
  • Influencer programs – become a product ambassador and receive free products
  • Flexible schedules – balance education, play, and work
  • Benefits and savings options – competitive benefits and savings plans for eligible employees
  • Training and coaching – take advantage of the opportunities to raise your game
  • Team environment – be part of a winning team and work alongside likeminded team members
  • Employee resource groups – join one of our employee-led groups and be part of a community
  • Jumpstart – help kids get into sports and activities

Availability can differ from store to store and position to position. If you are offered a job interview with a member of the store management team, this would be the perfect time to ensure you understand the availability needs of that store. We pride ourselves in the fact that we can be flexible to the needs of our employees to balance school, work, and organized sports.

Atmosphere is a great place that offers you the opportunity to learn new skills and start or grow your career. Some of our top managers started at Atmosphere as Advisors, and many store employees have also moved into corporate roles in our company, as well as our family of companies. At Atmosphere, we want to find out what moves you, and build your career from there.

Tips from the team

  • Apply online or visit your local store and speak directly with a member of the store management team.
  • Ensure your resume is up to date with your email address and phone number so we can contact you.
  • Even if you have never worked in retail before we want to talk to you, so be sure to share any relevant experience.
  • Outline how you stay active – tell us what you like to do to live a healthy active lifestyle. Think about what moves you, and consider how you could bring that to life with us.
  • Research our company and understand our values.
  • Be familiar with the brands and products we sell.
  • Review the job description when you apply online and be able to explain why you want to work at Atmosphere.
  • Be comfortable, be yourself, and share what makes you the best choice for this job.