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Have the peace of mind you need when in you are stuck in any situation. The Mammut Barryvox S avalanche safety beacon has all the features novices and professionals need to quickly find burried subjects. Digital/analog combo device with three antennas. The new Barryvox S has a large receiving bandwidth and an effective search strip width of 70 meters. It offers users a large, simple interface and intuitive operation. The Smart Search function provides clear instructions thanks to a simple operating concept and quick, precise searching. The Barryvox S includes the Rescue SEND function to protect non-searching rescuers. In the event of a secondary avalanche, the device automatically switches to SEND in order to locate buried rescuers. The Barryvox S is also equipped with a Smart Search function, which interacts with the actions of searching rescuers. With greater range, simple user navigation and a fast, direct search path, the Barryvox S could be the most important item in your gear back.


  • With a search strip width of 70 meters, the Barryvox S can help save lives in an emergency.
  • The new Barryvox S generation continues the faultless reliability that the previous avalanche transceivers were known for.
  • Intuitive operation
  • Digital/analog combo device with 3 antennas
  • Batteries included


  • W-Link frequency 869.8 MHz
  • Alkaline battery life: approx. 300 hours SEND / Lithium battery life: approx. 350 hours SEND
  • Weight: 210 g
  • Sending frequency 457 kHz  /   Analog search strip width 100 m  /  Digital search strip width 70 m
  • Buried subject marking mark|unmark  /  EN standards EN 300718
  • Manufacturer's Warranty 2-year warranty; additional 3-year Mammut guarantee if registered year
  • Battery type Alkaline and lithium 3 x AAA 1.5 volt
  • Operating temperature: -25° to +45° Celsius (-13° to +113° Fahrenheit)
  • Auto guidance: device continues to guide the rescuer to the buried subject in the event of signal failures or overlaps
  • Updatable software
  • MFG Part Number: 2710-00140