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Thanks to CFX Superfiber, you can ski dynamically with power and stability, without the weight you would expect underfoot. The laws of physics work in your favour due to lightweight materials that you will appreciate on the most challenging ascents.


  • Stability : Pre-shaped 3D woodcore ensures great ski to snow contact, with less weight.
  • Fiber reinforcement directly on top of edges improves durability, edge grip, and shock.
  • Anti vibration layer molded into the ski all along the front part of the ski to filter vibrations for better absorption and smooth ski/snow contact
  • Combination of ABS sidewalls under foot and monocoque construction at the tip and tail, gives the smooth ski-to-snow contact of sandwich construction with the forgiveness and easy turning of monocoque
  • The traditionally cambered section of twin rocker skis, where the sidecut is focused for more power, energy and edge grip.
  • 5 Point sidecut, Tip & Tail taper at extremities. The widest point in the sidecut tapers in toward the tip earlier for less drag and hooking in powder. Swing weight is also reduced making the ski even more maneuverable in difficult snow


  • Lengths: 169, 177, 184 cm
  • Ski Tip Width: 129, 130, 131 mm
  • Ski Waist Width: 95 mm
  • Ski Tail Width: 115, 116, 117 mm
  • Turn Radius: 16.5, 17.7, 18.8 m
  • Weight: 1400 g