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The SealLine Pro Pack 115L makes large loads easier to carry and keeps gear protected with waterproof construction and a roll top design for great waterproofness. Ultra durable, the bag is fabricated out of scrim-reinforced vinyl and will hold up well to wear and tear on the trail. The suspension system, waist belt and side cinch straps help you handle and maneuver the bag even when it’s full to the brim, and the back is ventilated for added comfort.


  • Removable suspension for carrying large loads comfortably
  • Dry Seal roll-top Closure keeps water out completely
  • Side cinch straps keep gear compact for easier carrying


  • Weight: 6 lb. 3 oz.
  • Width: 32 cm / 12.5"
  • Length: 47 cm / 18.5"
  • Height: 76 cm / 30"
  • Volume: 115L
  • Side Materials: 19 oz. scrim-reinforced vinyl
  • Bottom Materials: 30 oz. scrim-reinforced bathtub vinyl bottom