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Avoid getting sick from having to drink unclean water while participating in outdoor activities or travelling abroad. The SteriPEN Classic V3 UV Water Purifier with Pre-Filter eliminates bacterial contamination in water, making it safe for consumption. Stay hydrated drinking water treated with this UV light system that eliminates 99.9% of illness-causing microorganisms in water.


  • The SteriPEN Classic 3 operates on four alkaline batteries and will treat up to 100 half-liters or 50 full liters of water at a rate of 48 seconds per half-liter. Or you can increase production up to 150 liters by using lithium batteries instead. Stay up to date on the amount of water treated as well as the condition of your batteries and UV lamp with an easy-to-use LED indicator panel. Using SteriPEN UV water purifying system couldn't be easier - just remove the lamp's cover, activate and then sink the pen into the water and stir. There are no chemicals to use or bad aftertaste, just safe, clean water that is ready to drink.
  • Pre-filter the water with our 40-40 micron screen so the UV light can do its job properly. The filter securely fits onto a wide-mouth one-liter water bottle and can also be stored there as well with the SteriPEN Classic 3 nestled into the filter's opening, tilting the bottle back and forth to circulate the light through the water. Plastic water bottles can also be used by just inserting the tapered end snugly into the water bottle, inverting it, and then softly tipping it back and forth.
  • Start purifying water quickly and comfortably with a great design and a new easy twist off-cap.
  • This model offers versatile methods of power by using either alkaline, lithium or NiMH batteries.
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  • Make sure your SteriPEN Classic is in perfect working order with an easy-to-use LED indicator.
  • Completely waterproof design eliminates damage.
  • Fast and easy way to get clean water quickly - just submerge into the water, stir and wait for the LED light to flash so you know you are ready to hydrate