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Practical and convenient, the Petzl KAB rope bag comes equipped with an integrated 140 cm long tarp--providing a clean, smooth, roomy place to protect your rope from the elements and keep it dirt and gravel-free. A stylized and simple to access large-volume climbing bag that can be worn cross-body style for added stability, the bag stays upright while in use, making it ideal for storing not just your rope, but equipment, gear, maps, and essentials, as well.


  • Large-volume rope bag capable of easily carrying up to 110 meters of rope plus climbing gear
  • Stays upright while in use for easy access to rope, gear and equipment
  • Integrated trapezoidal protective tarp provides a smooth, clean, 140 x 140 x 50 cm area for your rope
  • Handles, pockets, flaps and equipment loops make storing not only rope, but gear, equipment, and even keys and a top map a snap
  • Adjustable aluminum buckles make opening, closing, and fastening easy--even with one hand
  • Belted, adjustable bandolier for stability and comfortable carrying on the move


  • Weight: 1.25 kg