After a night of driving through the Rockies to get to your destination, lay the backseats down, slide into your Bozeman™ Sleeping Bag (or two), turn your stuff sack inside out and into a fleece pillow, and start dreaming of frozen falls and swinging axes. No matter your sleep style, there’s a configuration to match. Even if you’re going old-school, full-zip mode, you get a less-mummified mummy fit for roomy comfort that maximizes warmth. So, anyone can have a solid sleep experience and wake up refreshed and ready to rip.


  • Full-length zipper with double sliders, plus wrap-around footbox zipper for versatile ventilation and ability to be opened flat and used as a quilt
  • Offset quilt construction prevents cold spots
  • Designed specifically for women with additional insulation for increased comfort
  • Anti-snag zipper for easy entry and exit
  • Recycled trims including snaps, zipper, cord, and toggle
  • Comfort mummy cut efficiently maximizes warmth without constriction
  • Foot-box follows natural foot position for comfort and thermal optimization
  • Micro fleece-lined stuff sack can be reversed and used as a pillow
  • Face gasket comfortably blocks drafts at hood opening
  • Single-handed draw cords adjust hood closure


  • Accessories List: Stuff Sack
  • Advanced Features: Drawcord Collar, Anti-Snag Zipper, Unzips into Blanket, Zipper Closure
  • Assembled Length (cm): 203 cm
  • Assembled Length (ft): 6.6601 ft
  • Assembled Length (in): 79.9213 in
  • Assembled Width (cm): 80 cm
  • Assembled Width (in): 31.4961 in
  • Assembled Width (mm): 800 mm
  • Certifications: No Certifications
  • Comfort Temperature Rating (°C): -9 °C
  • Comfort Temperature Rating (°F): 15.8 °F
  • Compressed Volume (gal): 5.1329 gal (US)
  • Compressed Volume (l): 19.43 l
  • Compressed Volume (qt): 20.5315 qt (US)
  • EN Rating: Comfort
  • Fill Material: Polyester
  • Fill Weight (g): 1530 g
  • Fill Weight (mL): 1530 ml
  • Hip Circumference (cm): 135 cm
  • Hip Circumference (in): 53.1496 in
  • Interior Lining Material: Polyester
  • Lining Colour: Yellow
  • Lower Limit Temperature Rating (°C): -16 °C
  • Lower Limit Temperature Rating (°F): 3.2 °F
  • Pack Size: 0
  • Primary Material: Polyester
  • Product Use(s): Indoor, Tent Camping, Fishing Excursion, Blanket, Outdoor, Ground, Hammock Camping, Camping, Cottages, Sleeping, Car Camping, Canoe Camping, Hunting, Bed
  • Season: Fall, Spring/Summer
  • Shoulder Circumference (cm): 147 cm
  • Shoulder Circumference (in): 57.874 in
  • Stuffed Stack Height (cm): 51 cm
  • Stuffed Stack Height (in): 20.0788 in
  • Stuffed Stack Length (cm): 30 cm
  • Stuffed Stack Length (in): 11.811 in
  • Stuffed Stack Weight (lbs): 4.75 lbs
  • Type of Sleeping Bag: Mummy
  • Zipper Placement(s): Not Applicable