A new addition to our innovative lantern line, the Volt is the big brother of our Zip lantern and features 200 lumens of light for every camping situation. With the ability to run on an integrated rechargeable lithium battery or three AA’s, the Volt is versatile and features a built-in USB charge in and charge out port that’s perfect for powering up a cell phone in the backcountry. The Volt dims, locks, and strobes for those late-night tent parties, and the lantern also features a hanging/stand feature, allowing you to light up camp, whether that’s from a table or a tree. With a flat, more compact form factor, the Volt is a packable option that won’t waste valuable space on your next adventure.


  • Emits 200 lumens on max setting
  • USB charge in/out port
  • Hangs or stands
  • Digital lockout feature safe guards against accidental use when stored in a pack or pocket
  • Dims or strobes
  • Runs on internal rechargeable lithium ion battery (2,600 mAh capacity) or 3 AA batteries


  • Length: 4 Inch
  • Width: 2 Inch
  • Depth: 4 Inch
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs