Online Exclusive - The AeroPress® Go™ is ingeniously engineered to provide all the delicious brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress® plus it includes a convenient drinking mug that doubles as a carrying case! Like the original world-renowned AeroPress®, the AeroPress® Go™ brews remarkably delicious American or espresso style coffee in about one minute, or cold brew coffee in two minutes, using total immersion and gentle pressure to produce coffee with extraordinarily rich flavour. Thanks to the micro-filter, there will be no grit in your coffee like with a French Press and clean up takes only a few seconds. The AeroPress® Go™ is optimized to ensure that you will never be without delicious AeroPress® brewed coffee no matter where you go.


  • Tastier - The AeroPress® Go brews smooth, rich coffee without the bitterness and high acidity you can expect from French press brewed coffee
  • The AeroPress® chamber, mug, and accessories are made of food-safe polypropylene that is free of BPA and phthalates. The lid and plunger seal are both made of silicone and the filters are made of paper
  • The AeroPress® Go comes with 350 Microfilters. The AeroPress Go travel filter holder stores up to 20 microfilters
  • Includes the AeroPress® Go™ press, funnel, scoop, stirrer, 350 micro-filters, and a filter holder, as well as the convenient drinking mug.
  • Fast and easy - The AeroPress® Go brews hot coffee in about 1 minute or cold brew coffee in around 2 minutes
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable - Ingeniously engineered to ensure that everything fits inside the mug
  • Perfect for work, travel and the outdoors
  • The mug holds 15 oz. (444 ml) or almost two 8 oz. (237 ml) servings of American-style coffee or cold brew coffee


  • Advanced Features: No Advanced Features
  • Assembled Depth (cm): 3.9 cm
  • Assembled Depth (ft): 0.128 ft
  • Assembled Depth (in): 1.5354 in
  • Assembled Height (cm): 5.3 cm
  • Assembled Height (ft): 0.1739 ft
  • Assembled Height (in): 2.0866 in
  • Assembled Weight (kg): 0.33 kg
  • Assembled Weight (lb): 0.7275 lb
  • Assembled Width (cm): 9.91 cm
  • Assembled Width (in): 3.9016 in
  • Assembled Width (mm): 99.1 mm
  • Coffee Maker Type: Aeropress Coffee Maker
  • Number of Cups Capacity: 1