Freedom to grip your device how you like it with ease and comfort, while giving back to a great cause! eco pop is the first and last phone accessory that you’ll ever want! A stylish gripping device, eco pop makes it easier to use your phone the way it was meant to be used - whether you’re snapping a selfie, binging on your favorite show, or facetiming with your BFF. But there is more than just an awesome product. With every eco pop purchase you are actually helping the environment! It’s no secret that our oceans have been plagued by pollution namely plastics for decades and the situation is not just dire but viral. Plastic Pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues we have today as a society. -Only 9% of all plastic in the world has ever been recycled! -1 Million marine animals are killed annually due to entanglement and ingestion! -Reports say that 70% of all fish have ingested plastic AND WE INGEST FISH… we are slowly poisoning ourselves and our marine life THE GOOD NEWS IS YOU CAN BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION Our product is made with sustainable material and our packaging is 100% Biodegradable! It doesn’t end there…. You buy eco pops, We commit to purchasing bracelets from 4ocean. One 4Ocean bracelet = One pound of trash removed from the ocean we are not affiliated, endorsed, associated with 4Ocean in any way. We just love the cause!


  • Get a better grip on your phone or tablet and avoid accidental drops while walking around in style. eco pop is offered with many different designs and texture options. eco pop is compatible with all smartphones, including glass back phones
  • Take better selfies and watch your favorite movie or show with comfort
  • Multi-task while calling and texting with one hand
  • Collapsible to lay flat when not in use and fit comfortably in your pocket
  • Strong lasting adhesive: Sticks to most cases, phone, and tablets. Packaging includes extra add on for glass backed devices