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Choosing a Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

Finding a PFD that fits you perfectly can be crucial to your safety when in the water and especially in the event of an emergency. For children, their weight will determine the size they will need. PFDs should feel snug like a glove yet allow you to move freely. To get the best fit and feel, wear your paddling clothes when trying on PFDs.  

Personal Floatation Device Dimensions and Features

What’s your weight?

Ensure the personal floatation device you’ve chosen has sufficient buoyancy to keep you afloat if you enter the water.

Do you need a women’s or men’s fit?

Personal floatation devices are designed to accommodate the body type of both men and women to ensure maximum comfort and performance. Select a design that fits your body best.

Water Safety Equipment

Staying safe on the water is your responsibility but preparing yourself for an emergency isn’t a daunting task if you take a few simple steps. There will be no reason to panic as long as you prepare your craft properly with a combination of mandatory safety pieces regulated by the Government of Canada. 

Mandatory Safety Equipment

The Government of Canada requires all vessels to be equipped with these items:

Atmosphere recommends the following items in addition to the above list:

Please Note that boating regulations change from time to time, so make sure you are up-to-date with the current information by visiting the Transport Canada's Safe Boating Guide. If the Safe Boating Guide differs from the regulations, it is the text in the current regulations that will apply.