The first outing of the year went well but the last is the one you’ll remember all winter. There’s still plenty of time to get outdoors for new adventures.

Whether you’re searching out new campgrounds in Canada’s national parks or you’re prepping for the last big festival weekend, your camping essentials can always use an upgrade. Find new tents designed for easy setup with lots of standing room, sleeping bags perfect for every temperature, and accessories for keeping comfy, well fed and ready for fun at every hour of the day.

Festival Camping Tip: Pack a larger tent than you need. Extra space equals extra comfort, especially on extra hot days. 




Either you got out early this year or you’re wishing you saw more of the wilderness this season. Either way there’s still time to put new trails under your belt.

Step up the fun with hiking footwear designed with high-profile support for enhanced comfort, control and protection on Canada’s toughest terrain. Sweat-wicking apparel turns exhilarating days in sweltering heat into effortless fun in the sun – it’s like having a personal AC unit.

Go out a little farther next time with stabilizing hiking poles, rainproof jackets and leg gaiters for keeping dry in wet conditions, and lightweight packs that’ll make you forget you’re even carrying that change of clothes and a snack. 

Road Trip

Road Trips

Hold onto that summer feeling a few weeks longer with trips across the country or just down a country lane. But don’t head out without the essentials.

Keep cool and comfortable after hours of travel with soft and breathable sweat-wicking apparel. Multi-sport hiking shoes make activities after a few hours in the car easy with lightweight, waterproof materials along with improved support that provides good return on the energy you put in.

Is the backseat not cozy enough? Layer up with a warm fleece hoodie or jacket designed to keep out the breeze.

Road Trip Tip: Bring a large pack to make getting things from your bag easier in the car.