Calgary Health Buller Summit


Summit Mount Buller or Buller Pass for Mental Health and Wellness Saturday, 25 June 2016

Join Special Guide Laurie Skreslet, the first Canadian to summit Mount Everest and Dave Rodney, MLA, the first Canadian to Summit Mt Everest two times. Laurie and Dave will each lead a group of climbers to the summit of Buller Mountain (Elevation 2,805 metres), while others will hike the Buller Creek Trail to the summit of Buller Pass (2,470 metres).

Laurie has recognized the parallel between climbing the mountain and has become an expert motivational speaker, touching the lives of more than 500,000 people. He has written a bestselling book, To the Top of Everest, nominated in two categories, the Children's Choice Award and the Canadian Book of the Year for Children Award in 2004.

Dave Rodney was elected as the Member of the Alberta Legislative Assembly for Calgary-Lougheed in 2004, and is the second longest serving member of the Alberta Legislature. He has served as the Minister of Wellness, Chair of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, and on dozens of committees. He is an international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, educator, writer/filmmaker, and the founder of the "Top of the World Society for Children".

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Why Mount Buller & Buller Pass

2 June 2016 marks 100 years since Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert Cecil Buller, DSO was killed in action. It is fitting that his death be remembered at the site of the Mountain, Creek, Trail and Pass named in his honour, which are located approximately 35 kilometers south of Canmore, Alberta on Highway 742, the Smith-Dorrien-Spray Lakes Trail.

Buller commanded Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) in World War I. He was killed in Sanctuary Wood during the Battle of Mount Sorrel on 2 June 1916 while leading his men in action. Buller Mountain and nearby features were named in his honour in 1922.

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Who Can Participate

Participants will possess a good level of fitness, health and stamina. Climbers and hikers are required to dress/carry clothing and equipment as recommended on the web page. The climb to the top of Buller Mountain (Elevation 2,805m) is a 12 km round trip and involves an elevation gain of 1,000 meters. It will take 6 to 7 hours to complete.

The first half of the climb is on a well-defined trail with the last half off-trail which includes ‘bushwhacking’, and climbing through scree and along exposed slab. The climb will be led by Laurie Skreslet and experienced hikers from A Company of 3rd Battalion, PPCLI.

The hike to Buller Pass (Elevation 2,470m) is 15.7 km return. It is an advanced moderately difficult hike with a total elevation gain of 670m. The last km before the pass is extremely steep. The summit provides an outstanding view of the Ribbon Creek Valley. 

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