When two mountaineer buddies and self-proclaimed gear geeks decided to produce the innovative, sustainable, high-quality technical gear and apparel that we all want and need for our mountain experiences, Marmot was born. That mission continues to drive us today. Not so much because it helps us move mountains, but because it helps the mountains move us.

Camping & Hiking Gear

Prep for treks, hikes and campouts with outdoor gear that’s ready for any weather.

Marmot EVODry

Stay, warm, dry and comfortable in the rain jacket that will never wash out or wear out.



Marmot Outdoor Apparel & Camping Geat At Atmosphere

From an idea conceived by two university students on a project in the bitter cold of Alaska, Marmot has grown into an international leader in the outdoor industry, with a far-reaching commitment to local and global community outreach and the environment.

Climbers and friends Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley started Marmot by sewing their own gear in their dorm rooms - fueled by the need for innovation, better gear and greater value. Marmot has grown quite a bit since their humble beginnings in 1974, but one thing has never changed; their commitment to designing the highest quality performance product.

Atmosphere sells Marmot apparel and camping gear for the casual and professional alike. Shop performance outdoor clothing and gear for travel, hiking, camping, snowsports and more. From tents to sleeping bags, rainwear to clothing, Marmot's product line is made to endure the outdoors and help keep Canadians warm and dry. Shop outdoor apparel and rainwear for men & women, as well as camping tents, backpacks and other popular outdoor gear. Atmosphere makes camping, hiking and outdoor adventuring easy. Shop Marmot apparel and gear for sale online at

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